Photo Studio for rent

As far as we remember, the “past crisis” of the 1990s produced a very interesting phenomenon: dying factories began to get rid of unnecessary premises, in which a new life was born immediately. In the ruins of industry, the reclaim and PR-companies, publishing houses and other organizations of the non-production sector were slaughtered. As a result of their services, most of the photo studios from the “elite” became the most common.

What is the point?

No photographer, if he has the sixth sense on shooting, ever will turn a one of his two-piece rooms’ space into a professional photo studio. Approximately in the same situation there are companies that have a full-time photographer, but there is no room for it.
Many of them abandon their own studio already at the stage of calculating the ROI – return on investment – and begin to diligently send to the Internet search requests: “renting a photo studio in Singapore inexpensive urgently.” In a certain sense, the result of such a search, we now imagine: what a modern studio looks like, what is included in the rental package and how much all the fun is worth.

What’s inside?

If you could find the perfect studio for all occasions – that’s good. You can “feed” it, having obtained discounts and special treatment. But often the photography studio rental is selected under the session: the room and equipment in it must meet certain parameters, which the photographer thinks up to the minute before.

Let’s start with the interior. Professional photography studio Singapore should have high ceilings. The room with ceilings of 3.5-4 meters gives more freedom to the photographer, especially when shooting growth portraits.

To the walls there are no special requirements: as a rule, the studio provides a set of backgrounds to the photographer. It is better to use a lame hoodie than a once-in-time recognizable interior. By the way, some studios claim as their advantages bricklaying of walls, lining with lining and other “patterns”: if they have a creative idea, they can be used without embarrassment. From the color of the walls depends also the character of the shadows: the whiter the walls, the shadows are softer!

Well, when the windows are large, with thick curtains. Sometimes they occupy literally the whole wall, and in such studios you can experiment with natural or mixed lighting. But if there are no such plans, then the “bunker”, completely devoid of windows, will do.

The studios often make a podium: it makes it easier to shoot from the lower angles. Its size depends on the placement of light and the nature of the session. For example, for the shooting of a lying model with arms stretched toward the photographer, the depth of the podium must be at least 3 meters. In the winter, the heated floor will not hurt, but for body art and other things you need a shower. Well, if there is a separate dressing room.