Living in a Luxurious Condominium in Singapore: All You Need to Know

Buying a property in Singapore is not an easy task, whether you purchase it for investment or residential purposes. However, the same thing applies when you decide to purchase a condo in the prime location of Singapore.


When it comes to high-class condos in Singapore, you can always buy them by spending a good amount of cash and experiencing comfort as well as elegance. You can also check Tengah Garden EC floorplan which is an upcoming project in Singapore and offers all the costly amenities and luxuries that you want in your life.


But there are a few things that can assist you in buying a perfect condominium in Singapore.




The location of your condo is really important and something that you cannot ignore. Make sure that the condominium you buy is located at a reachable location and is easily accessible by both private as well as public transport.


The location of a condo is considered perfect when it is reachable easy by residents and visitors via public transport, bike-friendly, main roads, etc. The property should always be located near the necessary public facilities such as gyms, schools, hospitals, local markets, shopping malls, and so on.


Eye-catchy architectural design


In this contemporary and world-class city in Singapore, the architecture of the building often reveals a lot about the status of condominiums. In Singapore, it is really easy to find a number of luxury condos that are designed by famous architecture designers and firms.


When it comes to great architecture design then it is not only about giving attention to the exterior design of the condo but also interior and landscaping design at the same time.




The moment condo or luxury condos in Singapore, your mind quickly starts imagining about wide hallways, big bedrooms, and spacious living rooms as well. Whenever planning to purchase a condominium, you must consider its size because it is one of the important factors.


In case, you are looking for amazing condos in Singapore that are not only spacious but also within your budget then contact the Tengah Garden EC developer once.


Facilities/amenities offered


In ordinary condos, you will find 24-hours security service, elevators, and within-building gyms. But when it comes to luxury condos, you will find a number of facilities that will ensure luxury living.


In a luxury condo, you will find a spa, swimming pool, a gym equipped with all the modern training equipment, a high-speed elevator that takes you to your condo straight, and much more.


Parking area


In almost all the best condos in Singapore, you will find parking space that is enough to park your 2 cars that too with great ease. In various urban areas, finding safe parking is really difficult. Having a private parking spot in your condo is no less than a luxury.


Therefore, if you want to enjoy living in a condo then Tengah EC is the right option.

The glorious district of Singapore! 

District 15 is in the Eastern area of Singapore, along the popular East Coast Park, and is placed almost outside the CBD.

The East Coast region is deemed the greatly prestigious residential area after Orchard Road’s top districts as well as Sentosa Cove and Marina Bay.

Did you know District 15 is one of the prime options for ex-pats and Singaporeans to inhabit? Here’s why.

Environment and Surrounding

East Coast is liked for its domain and encircling. It gives a calm and prosperous withdrawal from the bustling city existence, so it’s an excellent residential area for households to settle in.

The Availability of Schools 

For every aspect from preschools to tertiary institutions, the availability of academies on the East Coast adds to the interest in this region. They encompass Victoria School CHIJ Katong Primary and St Patrick’s School. Some International Schools are moreover in the vicinity. The Thiam Siew freehold condo is encircled by several reputed schools, so you will not have to worry about your child’s schooling living here.

Connectivity and Accessibility

The forthcoming Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) which will be finalized by 2024, is one of the vastly substantial lines in Singapore, relating to all key places such as CBD Area, Gardens By the Bay, Orchard, and even to Johor Bahru, Malaysia via Rapid Transit System. Traveling to a job or town region takes you no extra than 15 minutes. Some new blastoffs along Amber Road and Meyer Road are found near Tanjong Katong and Katong Park MRT depot. More residential properties are furthermore located along with Bayshore and Marine Parade MRT stations.

One of the most awaited residential properties ThiamSiew is about to finish designing and the Thiam Siew price is made out for luxury enthusiasts wanting a flat in this beautiful condo.


The district shows off several amenities in the region and some straight at your doorstep. Malls like 112 Katong and Parkway Parade are available. Grocery shopping will be a wind with these shopping malls nearby.

Food Paradise

Places along Joo Chiat, East Coast, and Katong are a eats paradise with delicious food at every nook catering to various flavors and allowances! From bars to cafes to the regional fare, you are clearly in for a treat!

Sea View

Who doesn’t like a million-dollar blue view? In Singapore, properties with sea image are low in stock so it’s no surprise why it’s ever highly strived after. Well, largely residential developments on the East Coast arrive with wonderful sea views.

The East Coast Lifestyle

Due to its vicinity to the famous East Coast Park, which is very prominent among residents and tourists, district 15 is stored with alternatives for exciting outdoor actions and water sports. East Coast Park is the hugest beach park in Singapore and there is certainly an activity for everyone to celebrate such as canoeing, jogging, cycling, barbecue, or almost loosening up at the beach.

Freehold Properties 

District 15 is home to a distinct quantity of freehold developments like the Thiam Siew condo. Meyer Road and Amber Road are recognized for the concentration of freehold land, and residential undertakings in these two regions are found near the beach with simple access to the CBD. They are presently one of the primary town border residential settings in Singapore.

Is The Data Protection Course Is An Important One, And Why?

If you are a worker in any organization and have to handle the details of the customers, organization, and your details, this training is a must for you. You have to keep the details in a safe and secured manner. The experts train these things in this data protection training. It will be useful for you to start a business and know how to protect the business’s data.

bizsafe certification singapore

What is this term known as data protection?

This data protection training explains your responsibilities under the data protection law. So, you can understand about collecting data legally, obtaining consent where required, and processing data following the law, and ensuring data security. It is also a course used to help businesses and individuals with essential principles of the data protection act. It is also used to know about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

What are the courses that the experts provide?

The professionals provide data protection training to train and make the people know all about data protection. They offer more courses, and they are:

  • GDPR for the individuals
  • PCI-DSS requirements
  • Executive briefing
  • Fundamental rights and data protection
  • Introduction to GDPR
  • Understanding the GDPR
  • Privacy law and data protection
  • Security and privacy for big data part 1
  • GDPR ready
  • EU GDPR data protection officer course

These are all the important courses offered for persons willing to get training about data protection. The training is given by world-class educators and experts in that field.

How can the user’s data be protected in an organization?

The organization should protect the user data, and you should keep it safe. Here are some of the protection technologies and practices that are given to protect the user’s details, and they are:

Data loss prevention – using this strategy, you can prevent data from being stolen, lost, or deleted. This DLP also includes several tools to protect against and recover from data loss.

Storage with built-in data protection – modern storage equipment provides built-in disk clustering and redundancy.

Firewalls – it enables you to monitor and filter network traffic. It is also used to enable authorized users to access or transfer data.

Authentication and authorization – helps you to verify credentials and also to assure user privileges are applied correctly.

Encryption – used to alert the data content according to an algorithm.

Endpoint protection is used to protect the gateway to your networks, such as ports, routers, and connected devices.

Data erasure – data is no longer relevant, and then the person will erode unnecessary data.

The above–given are the important things that are to be protected by the individuals of an organization.

Bottom lines:

From this content, you can get an idea of hiring this course to get a basic knowledge of data protection. All the data of the workers, clients, and the organization are kept silent and safe. This data protection is handled by many people in all the business places. So, use this course to gain more knowledge about data protection and choose the right job.

Four common questions about supplements and vitamins

Vitamins and supplements do have a vital role in a healthy lifestyle. Specific supplements can help you to shed off your weight, increase your endurance levels, and fight stress. If you’ve ever utilized supplements as part of your health and fitness plan even if you’ve been taking them for a long time, you may have concerns about their adequate use and efficacy. Here are answers to four familiar questions about vitamins and supplements that will enable you to get the most out of your products and maximize your fitness.


When should you take vitamins and supplements?

Not every product will advise you on the favourable moment of the day to accept it. For those that do, follow the advice as nearly as possible to maximize the effectiveness of the product. If a supplement that is used to control hunger instructs you to take it thirty minutes before eating, but you take it right before you sit down to eat, you won’t get the planned advantages. Most vitamins and supplements should be put up with food to enhance their absorption, especially fish oils probiotics, and fat-soluble supplements such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are also an active component of an Women’s supplement.


Why do some vitamins change colour over time?

You may see that some supplements, especially multivitamins, can become darker in color or spotty over the period. This is an outcome of oxidation, which occurs when your vitamins are disclosed to light. This won’t certainly make your vitamins less beneficial, but it’s a nice notion to obey the manufacturer’s instructions and maintain your supplements off from heat, light, and humidity to conserve their quality. Click, to buy best Holistic Health supplements and let your kid’s fitness be perfect invariably. 


Is it fine to take vitamins and supplements after their expiration date?

If your vitamins or supplements have been ended, it is not hazardous to take them, but they may not be sufficiently effective. Most components degrade with time, and manufacturers can guarantee the integrity of their product only up to the passing date. If kept out of direct light, heat, and moisture, supplements should survive about two years after the manufacture date before their efficacy begins to decrease. If your supplements begin to accumulate mold or you’re otherwise worried about their security, throw them out and get a fresh bottle.


Why do some supplements bring your urine sharp yellow?

If you have ever taken B vitamins, you may notice that they turn your urine a sharp yellow or orange shade. This is due to excess vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, which enables your body to break down nutrients and create red blood cells. Your body utilizes the amount of riboflavin that it wants and excretes the rest. This bright yellow color is zero to be shocked about; however, it can make it impossible to determine if you are suitably hydrated. Dark or brilliantly colored urine is common evidence that you aren’t sipping sufficient water, so if your supplements affect the color of your urine, you’ll need to give excess scrutiny to how much liquid you gulp each day.

Common IT support services 

All the businesses and even the home users depend on computers greatly in their everyday lives. Even a minor issue in our computer disrupts our lives and hampers business activity. This is when we need to quickly consult a certified computer technician.

With the rapid growth of new technology, there also come various technical issues like virus infections, spyware attacks on computers, software and hardware failures, and network issues. To fix these issues with no delay no need for a smart computer technician for you. It’s annoying to encounter an issue that can disturb the whole course of the business and it demands to have a service at a moment’s notice. As all the businesses need reliable and fast computer repair services, they should have any information about these computer repair stores so that the right service for a problem can be chosen.

  • Here are some of the common computer repair services that are offered-
  1. Virus removal

In this type of service, the technician will ensure you that the virus will be removed from the system without harming the data located in the computer. You can get these services online and even the guidelines to be followed by your own at your place.

  1. Hardware repairs

These repairs include the maintenance of physical damages that are incurred by the accessories or the computer. This includes the installation of new hardware, updating and repairing the hardware.

Looking for a perfect hub of technicians for your MacBook repair? Contact +65 8151 5155 anytime between 11.00 am to 9.00 pm. You can also come to Punggol Plaza in block 681 for a friendly diagnosis of your MacBook and get it repaired in the least time possible.

  1. Accessories repair

There are several computer accessories like printers and scanners which might need a repair due to some damage. A professional computer technician with having specialization in computer hardware will be able to solve such issues. However, the PC repair price varies according to the type of service your computer is requiring. So, it’s good to be clear with the price factor of your system repair.

  1. Data recovery and backup

Sometimes due to issues like virus attacks or hardware crashes, the important data of your system might get lost. Of course, it will not be possible for you, but an expert can recover your lost data for you by tracking information. This issue is an extremely serious one, so you should choose your professional technician with the utmost attention. If you hire a company that has a comparatively low cost, you might lose your all data and also make it impossible for an experienced technician to recover it further.

  1. Networking support and troubleshooting

These are the most common types of computer services. These services include network training, network set up, fixes, and related problems.

  1. Computer maintenance services

Your computer requires regular updates and tune-ups. This regular maintenance not only upgrades the work speed of your computer but will increase its overall lifespan. Maintenance services generally include updates, file cleanup and installing new programs or windows, and general inspections.

  1. Customization

Want to customize your computer according to your comfort and preferences? Of course, you have tried it by yourself but are not able to touch every corner of specialization you want to see in your system. Contact any computer technician and get your computer customized according to your choice.

Why is Freehold Land Not Depreciated? 

Freehold property is one, where the residents own the building along with the land in perpetuity. As its name suggests, a property on a freehold is free from the hold. The sale of freehold is comparatively simpler.

  • Benefits of a freehold property:

A freehold provides you with complete freedom. No further payments are required when have paid for your land. These extra payments may be in the form of service charges, ground rents, and other types of charges that are applicable on a leasehold property. A freehold property has no restrictions regarding visitors and time. This, the owner can do whatever he wants to do in the allotted area. If you also want to live with the unlimited benefits of a freehold condo, then you can choose the Ambersea freehold condo as your residence. It is an extremely beautiful residence structured in district 27 near Amber Sea.

  • Rights of the owner of a freehold

If the property can be inherited then there is no such restriction to transfer the property. It can easily be transferred by registration of a sale deed as there’s. No encumbered title of the property. Nowadays, freehold condos are being built by reputed developers to accommodate the desires of a residence.

  • Home loan for a freehold condo-

Though freehold properties are more expensive than leasehold ones, they also add on several benefits of ownership. Don’t worry if you don’t have a stock of cash in your hand, you will get an easy loan for your property.

Loans for freehold property are easier than loans for leasehold, as it is considered a safer environment. The registration of the property is done and is expected to increase in their value. Moreover, the banks are also available interestingly to provide a loan for a freehold property with a higher market value. High market value means that the loan to value ratio can be 80% of the market value of freehold property.

Can leasehold be converted into a freehold property? The answer is yes, it can be done through a clear sale deed, a no-objection certificate, and a general power of attorney. Additionally, there would be a conversion fee also, to the relevant authorities. Convert your dream into reality and get in the fully sumptuous Amber Sea freehold condo without worrying about your finances.

  • What is better a freehold or leasehold? 

Most buyers prefer to buy a freehold condo as the prices do increase more steadily as compared to leasehold properties. Furthermore, it’s easier to get mortgages for a freehold. If you have invested in a leasehold property then the ownership will remain in the hand of the owner.

  • Why freehold property does not depreciate? 

The freehold land does not depreciate as the hand does have an unlimited useful life. Other long-life assets such as buildings, land improvements, equipment have limited useful lives. The owner of a leasehold asset cannot sell the property, there is no depreciation factored in a leasehold property.

Does the Size or Location of your House Matter More? 

When it comes to a house purchase, what do you consider to be more important? The extent of your home or the locale? Though both are crucial the ones that will go heavy, will depend upon your needs and wants. Realtors will always tell you to incline towards the location factor. However, people looking to increase their family may need to sacrifice the perfect location.

The size of the home is more important if:


You plan to grow your family

It may be better to direct yourself toward a larger home when you plan to grow your family. As we start or grow our family, it’s an important fact to be kept in mind that there should be enough area in your house to accommodate a comfortable life.

You need more space for guests

In few homes, there’s already a merry-go-round of visitors and guests. Whether it’s in-laws popping by family visiting or friends crashing on your couch. Then having a larger space for the couch would be a great option.

Your downsizing

It’s not necessarily important to have a large home every time. Sometimes, many wish to have a smaller home. They just want to have a simple life. Or you travel a lot and remain outside. Then, of course, there’s no sense to have a large house.

In addition, you stay rarely at your home, so location in this case rarely matters.

The location of your home is important when:

You want an ideal work commute

Staying in a busy city? Then, of course, traffic and long routes would be a problem. What if you get great connectivity and highways just near your house? Kindly visit the official site of The Commodore: and have a great location. It is strategically sited in the heart of Canberra. It is located near Canberra MRT station so that you do not have to trouble much while accessing other areas of Singapore.

You want to rent out your house

The location of your home is really important when you want to rent out your home or to have an Airbnb visitor. And even when you plan eventually to sell your home, it’s easy to find clients when you have a great location. Remember, the value of your property depends on the location factor and it has a long-term appreciation potential.

You have school-going children

Want your kid to reach school without any hassle? Well, it will also save you extra transportation fees. During your house-hunting process, your realtor can help you to find out a place where there are a lot of reputed schools.

If you are a parent or planning to be, then living in The Avenir: would be a blessing. You can enroll your children in the most reputable schools which lies within the range of 1 km. River Valley Primary School is one of them.

If you do not want to stick between these two important factors, you can surely opt for a condo that is in a perfect location and has a great size. If you are living in Singapore, then The Commodore must not be a new name to you!

Treatment for Bedbugs and Cockroaches in Hostels

The dormitory format is gaining popularity again. Not only students live in such premises, but also people with material difficulties who do not have the opportunity to purchase their own housing, as well as military, cadets, business travellers, guest workers who came to a large city from other regions and countries to earn money.

Dormitories, according to custom, are settled in morally outdated buildings, in which there is not always the possibility of observing hygiene and sanitary standards. An equally large-scale problem is the devil-may-care attitude of the guests themselves, who do not want to follow basic rules and maintain order in common areas. This contributes to the emergence of another class of “inhabitants” of the hostel – parasitic insects: cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas and lice. In addition to aesthetic dislike, the ubiquitous “roommates” act as carriers of many diseases and infections. It is impossible to get along with such “neighbours”, especially when it comes to bed bugs, lice or fleas.

The maintenance of the premises of the hostels in proper sanitary condition is a duty enshrined in the legislation. When insects and pests appear in the building, Pest control management services should be hired to destroy them. In general food blocks, disinfestation measures are carried out regularly for preventive purposes.

The main reasons for the appearance of insects in the hostel

  • Densely populated rooms, a large number of residents.
  • The multinational composition of residents, differences in the foundations and customs of life.
  • Violation of hygiene rules by those living in the same room.
  • Poor sanitary conditions in the dorm building itself.
  • Common areas of joint use, acting as the main centres of the spread of parasitic insects.

Features of mosquito killer services

Planned measures for conducting disinfestation in the hostel include several stages:

Treatment from pests of residential, public premises, adjacent territory.

Preventive treatment in order to maintain the proper sanitary and epidemiological condition of the hostel. Particular attention is paid to canteens, catering facilities, toilets, bathrooms, showers, ventilation shafts.

Disinsection measures consist of sanitary and epidemiological measures and involve the use of chemical, thermal methods of exposure to pests. The use of hot and cold fog allows you to achieve the desired effect on the destruction of annoying insects.

Processing by professional exterminators is an important condition for the successful extermination of cockroaches, bedbugs and fleas. Independent methods of control do not have the desired effect, since they are carried out with the use of household insecticides, they cover only part of the premises.

Professionals are familiar with all the intricacies of processing, know the specifics and features of pest control, accurately identify the places of greatest accumulation of insects, correctly select the method and chemical preparation for the destruction of various types of parasites.

An equally important point when performing disinsection is the safety of residents and service personnel in the hostel. When choosing drugs, this fact must be taken into account, experts select funds that will be safe for people and pets, including certain groups of residents who are most sensitive to chemicals (children, the elderly).

Most of the parasitic insects live in kitchens and canteens, in food blocks, where they have access to food and water, a comfortable temperature, ventilation and other conditions for habitation and reproduction are created. In addition to kitchens, such facilities also include grocery warehouses, pantries and other utility rooms.

A professionally carried out pest control services singapore in the hostel will help get rid of insects for a long time. The general sanitary and epidemiological situation will depend on the contingent of residents. The most vulnerable are student dormitories, the military hostels are less susceptible to the spread of insects. Self-discipline and self-organization of guests, maintaining order play an important role in preventing the spread of parasites.

The Significance of a Personal Dog Trainer

Training is an essential aspect when you own a dog. It can be started at any age, as there’s no limited age for learning and getting trained. Training provides mental stimulation, builds confidence, and builds confidence that can effectively strengthen the human-animal bond. Mental incitation is a crucial part of a dog’s well-being. If your dog is suffering from any medical condition or had limited exercise due to injury or surgery, then mental stimulation is really important to keep them occupied.

There are chances that you may become frustrated or mad while teaching your dog some advanced activities. If you find yourself yelling at your dog, then simply back off. The problem is too complicated at present and he is not getting what you exactly want. What you need is professional assistance. Nowadays several online platforms contribute help to numerous dog owners like you.

It’s a common concern to train a dog after you bring it home. Due to lack of time, lack of knowledge about their habits, and comforts not everyone can train them. Or else you give a try toward training your dog, by following some online tips and perks. So, that is again not a good idea to generalize the way of training to all the dogs. A personal dog trainer will incorporate the individualistic approach while training your dog. He will anyway treat your dog with a different and personalized service as not every dog is the same in its behavioral context.

But you should always keep one thing in your mind that, it is not going to learn everything in a day or two. It will take time for the trainer as well as the dog to understand each other’s language and signs. Only after that, your dog will start to obey the respective trainer and then ultimately you. As you didn’t learn algebra before you have learned to count, subtract, add, multiply and divide. And you didn’t learn to write whole sentences before you learned alphabets. Dogs have some similar sort of mind as you, though they somewhat limit in potential.

The dogs who have more timid behavior or are in anxiety can be benefitted from the training. A sense of accomplishment is provided to disseminate with your four-legged family member. Your dog can easily spend time with you, which is what most of the dogs want from their masters

personal dog trainer better knows your dog’s emotions and desires. You can join your dog during the training process if you have hired a personal trainer. Dog training is a trusted and admirable group of dog trainers, who have expertise in training every type of dog. Don’t worry if you have no idea about the type of training you will be needing for you did. Our expert team will listen and clear all your doubts regarding the training type and duration. You will be suggested the best solution according to your needs and lifestyles.

Premium Real Estate Parameters – What Factors Determine the Value?

Everyone knows that real estate – residential or commercial, it does not matter – which is located in the central part of Singapore, regardless of condition is much more expensive than similar in area and quality of equipment, but located on the outskirts.

But this is not the only factor that determines the value of luxury real estate. Here is our expert’s list of what most often affects pricing in the premium real estate segment.

Area and location of the house

The prestige of the area in which the property is located, its infrastructure, proximity to parks, green areas and reservoirs, transport accessibility and ease of access to the main highways of the city – these are the most important points influencing the price of real estate class “business” and above.

Type and material of the house, planning

Buyers prefer brick houses, which have much better heat and sound insulation, or buildings, the construction of which has already taken into account these factors. Here Amber Sea developers must mention the planning – for those who buy luxury real estate, it is important not only the number of square meters, but also how modern, comfortable and practically distributed space. An important component of the cost here is also the presence of a balcony and private terrace. Read more on Amber Sea official detailed overview.

Condition and quality of repairs in the apartment

We live in an age when people have become more important in their health and the environment in which they spend their time. Of course, this is also taken into account when choosing housing and also affects the value of real estate. It goes without saying that the fresher the repair, the more valuable it is in the total cost of the apartment or house, but no less important materials that were used in the implementation – natural stone and wood in the cladding, quality paint, wallpaper and more, this is why not save and what those who choose real estate in luxury homes are willing to pay for.

View from the window, the area near the house and the condition of the entrance

Wonderful panoramas of the city, beautiful scenery from the windows surrounding the sights, a quiet closed courtyard, the landscape of the inner complex, the presence of playgrounds, swimming pool, football field, landscaping – this is what adds to the price of all real estate. Owners of business and premium housing emphasize that they are willing to pay extra for the preventability of the entrance group and the hall of the house, as this is something that can lead or spoil the impression before you get into the condominium.

Security of residence

Probably, this item should be one of the first on this list, because at home you just want to relax, sleep peacefully and do household chores, go for a long time from home to other cities and countries, and put all care for the safety of your property and your security company.

The floor on which the apartment is located

This point is usually in the assessment of the cost of apartments of “economy” and “comfort”. And this is understandable. If the house does not have an elevator, the apartments above the third floor will be cheaper. When forming the value of luxury real estate – this is also an important factor, because with the density of buildings in the area, with each floor increases and view from the windows, and the distance from noise and dust from the yard or roadway while the windows are open.

Real estate prices may fall and rise under the influence of external circumstances. But these components will always be in the price for those who choose life at the highest level.