Myths about Body Scrubbing- Truth Exposed

Myth No 1: Body exfoliant can also be used on face

This is a sheer myth. Not only the body exfoliators are different as different body parts require individually tailored solutions but also the intensity with which they are applied while scrubbing at various areas of body and skin also changes. While the mild treatment is given to skin on neck and cheeks or forehead, one can take a more intense approach as body skin tends to be thicker and harder than other areas of the face. When you opt for body scrubbing professionals, you will realize that there is a hell lot of difference between just exfoliation and complete rejuvenation through scrubbing.

Myth No 2: Problematic skin requires harsh and frequent scrubbing motions for proper exfoliation of the pores

Scrubbing is not the answer for such situations. Excessive washing and scrubbing such skin will only cause inflammation to the skin. Ask your masseur to use kind and gentle sweeping motions with soft washcloth or scrub that help you to cleanse the skin rather than stripping the lipids.

Myth No 3: No scrubbing is needed if you have sensitive or problematic skin

No matter if you have sensitive skin or problematic one, a gentle exfoliation can benefit you in a long term. However, in such cases, it is better to use gentle weekly scrubbing program rather than doing it on a daily basis. This allows the moisturizers and treatments to work effectively on your body leaving a beautiful glow without causing any damage.

With exceptions like active acne, in rest of the cases, scrubbing can help to clear out and also supports the skin that is heavily prone to breakouts. Scrubbing is highly effective to remove the moisturization barriers.

Myth No 4: A DIY scrubbing program is very much similar to that of professional services

While you might have learned all the moves and strokes from online video tutorials or imitating those that were provided to you by your previous parlor but what these professionals can do to your skin is quite different from what you see. They have the ability and knowledge to gauge your skin type and condition and then deliver the scrubbing services. On the other, you will most probably practice the general moves that work for some time but end up causing trouble and more damage in the long run.

Myth No5: Regular exfoliating gets time-consuming and also dries out your skin by removing its natural moisture.

Proper and regular exfoliation can help you to diminish the lackluster, dull and layer of dead skin, often formed due to environmental debris. All these things cause cloud your complexion and also compromise on the moisture retaining the capacity of the natural skin. Choosing right products, as well as the services, is crucial to replenish and resurface the skin.

While these are the most prevalent myths of this subject, we cannot rule out the possibility of more such myths and their deadly results. Consult some knowledgeable person before switching to any program or spa center.