Possible Risks When Investing in a New Residential Complex?

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Many Singaporeans dream to live in a new house, surrounded by well-groomed territory and equipped for a comfortable life. However, most of the buyers are afraid of a few things related to investing in a new residential complex.

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First, to save money, you have to wait for the rent of finished housing or overpay for the already erected premises. Secondly, there is a risk of running into a long-term construction or losing your own money. And thirdly, it is necessary to take into account the cost of further repair of the apartment and its arrangement.

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Let’s talk about the risks associated with buying a residential condo in a new building, highlight the main advantages of real estate in a new home.

Benefits of New Residential Complexes when compared to “Secondary”:

  • Inside the premises there is no smell of former owners and there is no negative aura.
  • New projects have a more thoughtful layout, including a spacious kitchen or even a kitchen-living room.
  • All engineering communications are new and contain them will be simple for 20-30 years.
  • The new buildings are inhabited mainly by young people and families, so that the circle of acquaintances will expand.
  • When buying a home with a clean finish, you can save time on the search for builders and building materials (primarily for budget repairs). You can get floor plan and latest updates on Canninghill Piers before finalizing your deal.
  • You can find the most profitable offer when making a deal at the stage of “dug pit”, which allows you to save 20-30% of the possible value of the apartment.
  • After commissioning, the living area is more expensive, and on the “secondary” every year the price for 1 m2 Falls.
  • New facilities are guaranteed to last longer than outdated (the main thing is to find a reliable developer, not saving on specialists and building materials).

Possible risks: What to prepare for the investor?

The postponement of the delivery date is a common problem associated with various factors. The developer may suspend work due to unfavourable weather, irregularities in the delivery of building materials, in the absence of qualified personnel, etc.

Bankruptcy of the developer – firms often lead several projects and with the wrong allocation of resources can waste all available money. For this reason, all the work is transfixed and investors will have to wait for the commercial complex to be bought by another company and completed.

Design defects – savings on experienced engineers or the desire to save on small jobs sometimes lead to the fact that buildings are strongly seated. Sometimes design problems result in cracking of the facade, splitting the foundation, collapses, etc.

There is a risk to get on the bait of fraudsters – the investor needs to independently clarify how reliable the developer is and whether there are no pitfalls in the registration of the contract. If documents are signed in a semi-legal way, through several intermediaries or through murky schemes, the person risks losing housing and money in the future.

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