Living in a Luxurious Condominium in Singapore: All You Need to Know

Buying a property in Singapore is not an easy task, whether you purchase it for investment or residential purposes. However, the same thing applies when you decide to purchase a condo in the prime location of Singapore.


When it comes to high-class condos in Singapore, you can always buy them by spending a good amount of cash and experiencing comfort as well as elegance. You can also check Tengah Garden EC floorplan which is an upcoming project in Singapore and offers all the costly amenities and luxuries that you want in your life.


But there are a few things that can assist you in buying a perfect condominium in Singapore.




The location of your condo is really important and something that you cannot ignore. Make sure that the condominium you buy is located at a reachable location and is easily accessible by both private as well as public transport.


The location of a condo is considered perfect when it is reachable easy by residents and visitors via public transport, bike-friendly, main roads, etc. The property should always be located near the necessary public facilities such as gyms, schools, hospitals, local markets, shopping malls, and so on.


Eye-catchy architectural design


In this contemporary and world-class city in Singapore, the architecture of the building often reveals a lot about the status of condominiums. In Singapore, it is really easy to find a number of luxury condos that are designed by famous architecture designers and firms.


When it comes to great architecture design then it is not only about giving attention to the exterior design of the condo but also interior and landscaping design at the same time.




The moment condo or luxury condos in Singapore, your mind quickly starts imagining about wide hallways, big bedrooms, and spacious living rooms as well. Whenever planning to purchase a condominium, you must consider its size because it is one of the important factors.


In case, you are looking for amazing condos in Singapore that are not only spacious but also within your budget then contact the Tengah Garden EC developer once.


Facilities/amenities offered


In ordinary condos, you will find 24-hours security service, elevators, and within-building gyms. But when it comes to luxury condos, you will find a number of facilities that will ensure luxury living.


In a luxury condo, you will find a spa, swimming pool, a gym equipped with all the modern training equipment, a high-speed elevator that takes you to your condo straight, and much more.


Parking area


In almost all the best condos in Singapore, you will find parking space that is enough to park your 2 cars that too with great ease. In various urban areas, finding safe parking is really difficult. Having a private parking spot in your condo is no less than a luxury.


Therefore, if you want to enjoy living in a condo then Tengah EC is the right option.