What is this trend of Mobile Cocktail bar?

In any type of event, party or celebration, the drink plays a leading and important role, is the excuse and reason to interact and have fun, and masterly complements any toast.

The mobile cocktail bar becomes undoubtedly the center of the party, accompanying the guests throughout the celebration. Through blends of colors, flavors and aromas will surprise and be the delight of each of the guests.

What is it about?

Bar 1

It is known as a mobile bar serving drinks and cocktails, which is offered for any type of event or celebration. From the counter itself, lighting, cooling spaces, as well as the necessary elements and products required for a bar, are transported and assembled by the company hired for the event.

The service of a mobile bar also includes glassware, and the necessary appliances for use by bartenders, cocktail shakers, blenders, mixing glasses, etc.
It also provides disposable material such as sorbets, mixers, umbrellas among a wide variety of decorative items.

What drinks are offered?

Cocktails of the Deep South

A good mobile bar in Singapore offers an extensive menu of drinks, drinks and cocktails, which always includes innovative techniques to create mixtures with original textures and attractive, bold and fun presentations.

Regarding drinks, the bar provides everything imaginable, a huge variety of drinks, imported and domestic, with and without alcohol, as well as fruits, juices and syrups to ensure the best drink menu.

Barman, bartender, bar staff

They are the terms in English to designate the people behind the bar of the bar. These are professionals, experts in the tastes of different alcohols and their graduations, who know how to combine different drinks to make exquisite cocktails.

In many bars and breweries are a real attraction for the variety of mixes they prepare, and even for the show they organize, flair bartending, ranging from throwing the bottles and pick them up, to organize a show up on the bar.

Hiring of mobile bars

The service can be contracted in 3 alternative formats, Free, by Pack or at Cost.

Open bar

This modality of mobile cocktail bar is ideal for farewells, weddings, birthdays, graduates parties, end of the year parties, among many other types of events. During a period of time previously stipulated and agreed, a menu or drinks menu will be available with all the options and a detail of the composition of the same.

All guests can take the amount and variety of drinks and cocktails they want, freely. Generally the cost of it is per guest, and the minimum number of people to perform this type of service is usually 50. Likewise, if you do not reach the number of people required, paying by the minimum, you can perform this type of service.

Bar by Pack

In this case a fixed amount of drinks is contracted, 120 is usually the minimum, calculated for a maximum of 60 people, offering a limited amount of drinks. The service lasts approximately 2 hours, depending on the number of packs of drinks agreed. This format is ideal for openings, vernissages, receptions and business events, among others.

Bar at Cost

Under this modality a number drinks are contracted, and same number of tickets will be delivered to distribute among the guests. Once these drinks are finished, the following ones are sold at half the price of a bar, pub or bowling alley. This format is ideal for youth parties, and farewells, as each one pays for his or her drink.