Self storage saves space for small summer jobs

The summer holidays are the perfect time for those chores at home left out during the year. Here’s how to cope better.

Those who remember the famous scene from the movie Mary Poppins, when the magical nanny and the two children are working to clean house with a simple snap of the fingers?

Come on, do not kid yourself, you do not just snap your fingers to return everything magically in order but there is a solution far from the magic that maybe can help you get rid of a lot ‘of junk.

We are talking about self storage, the only service that provides you with all the space you need to store furniture, objects and junk excess that have no place in the house.

Want to know how to best use self storage service to return to their former glory chaotic spaces of your home? Here’s what to do:


The dark and crowded spaces could go well over the winter, but now need to bring a wave back to the house. Starting with the walls. Take advantage of the first days of summer sun to be painted with neutral or pastel colors that revive the style of your room. Via the old cadres of the grandmother who for too long have stifled your living room. Those you can deposit them in our storage facilities. Choose a large, bright wall and create a panel dedicated to the most exciting photos that show you and your family. If the photos do not inspire you, you can always pick up the prints to hang in plain sight. Your nest acquires a healthier and tidy, so you can enjoy the long-awaited holidays without putting a foot out of the house.


The sunny and warm days are just around the corner. It’s time to start clearing terraces and clean up the garden because you happen very often to use them for an outdoor barbecue, mount the outdoor games for children, or simply relax in the hammock reading a book.

All outdoor furniture must return as new, so if you have them abandoned in the basement gathering dust should be washed carefully. Same goes for barbecue, kennel and bowls of your pet and inflatable games for children.
All the superfluous is totally eliminated because family and friends can enjoy all the space available. So if you failed to consume all stacked wood in the garden, you can bring it at our self storage warehouses and store it for next winter.


It would be nice to get wardrobes always sorted, perhaps divided by colors, materials, styles and above all in perfect harmony with your mind and your mood. Why not do it?

First, you begin to get rid of excess clothing that does not wear for years because of baggy, old and oversized. Sweaters, coats, scarves, and hats can easily find another place. Thoroughly wash any winter head and kept changing the season in a self storage warehouse to clear space in the closets and drawers at home.