Essential Packing tips for Carton Boxes during move

Packing your moving cartons may seem simple; however, it is not uncommon to see badly packed cartons. On some removals, we have seen everything in terms of packaging. Cardboard crossed below without adhesive tape, to the fryer packed without having been emptied before, going through the boxes of books exceeding 30 kg.

Customers do not always have the right information to pack the boxes. Unless they have the experience and know how to do it, they often do the best they can. Find moving boxes Singapore that are too heavy: It is not uncommon for moves to see boxes filled with books exceeding the 20 kg. In other words, this is strongly discouraged, especially if you want to attract the sympathy of the workers who will move you.

Our advice: to alternate books or heavy objects with objects that are not very fragile and light, thus the port of the boxes will be facilitated, the movers will be less tiring and you will be grateful.

Close cartons without crossing them:

A mistake often found on moves is to cross the wings of the boxes too close them. This way of closing the cartons is dangerous because when the remover carries the cardboard it risks opening from below.

Our advice: Simply fold down the cardboard wings starting with the smallest ones, and then tape the cardboard once on the joint, then twice in width, starting on the sides of the cardboard.

Choosing Quality Duct Tape:

A quality tape will keep your cartons closed properly and durable, so you will not be surprised that cartons are opened during transport, which could lead to breakage.

Our advice: buy about 1 scotch roll for 10 cartons, the good quality tape is quite expensive, however, the investment is worth it when the integrity of your precious objects is at stake.

Choose my move boxes:

Find moving boxes in Singapore that are solid. The longer they will be stored the longer it will be necessary to invest in thick cartons so that time does not damage them.

Our advice: for books prefer small cartons so that these do not weigh too heavy during transport.

Fill out my moving boxes:

When filling your boxes make sure not to leave empty spaces so that during the loading, the movers can load other boxes on top. If you do not know what to load in your cartons to fill the gaps, use either paper or folded carton to fill the holes.

Our advice: take care to fill the boxes with a care that the objects do not collide, in which case it could be damaged one against the other.

Packing my TV:

If possible, the television should be packed in its original carton with shrink wrap around to protect the TV , if you do not have the original carton you can leave it as is, the movers will take care to pack it properly. Our advice: When buying a television, make sure to always keep the packing carton with the included polystyrenes. They will be very useful for your move in order to protect the television properly.