Treatment for Bedbugs and Cockroaches in Hostels

The dormitory format is gaining popularity again. Not only students live in such premises, but also people with material difficulties who do not have the opportunity to purchase their own housing, as well as military, cadets, business travellers, guest workers who came to a large city from other regions and countries to earn money.

Dormitories, according to custom, are settled in morally outdated buildings, in which there is not always the possibility of observing hygiene and sanitary standards. An equally large-scale problem is the devil-may-care attitude of the guests themselves, who do not want to follow basic rules and maintain order in common areas. This contributes to the emergence of another class of “inhabitants” of the hostel – parasitic insects: cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas and lice. In addition to aesthetic dislike, the ubiquitous “roommates” act as carriers of many diseases and infections. It is impossible to get along with such “neighbours”, especially when it comes to bed bugs, lice or fleas.

The maintenance of the premises of the hostels in proper sanitary condition is a duty enshrined in the legislation. When insects and pests appear in the building, Pest control management services should be hired to destroy them. In general food blocks, disinfestation measures are carried out regularly for preventive purposes.

The main reasons for the appearance of insects in the hostel

  • Densely populated rooms, a large number of residents.
  • The multinational composition of residents, differences in the foundations and customs of life.
  • Violation of hygiene rules by those living in the same room.
  • Poor sanitary conditions in the dorm building itself.
  • Common areas of joint use, acting as the main centres of the spread of parasitic insects.

Features of mosquito killer services

Planned measures for conducting disinfestation in the hostel include several stages:

Treatment from pests of residential, public premises, adjacent territory.

Preventive treatment in order to maintain the proper sanitary and epidemiological condition of the hostel. Particular attention is paid to canteens, catering facilities, toilets, bathrooms, showers, ventilation shafts.

Disinsection measures consist of sanitary and epidemiological measures and involve the use of chemical, thermal methods of exposure to pests. The use of hot and cold fog allows you to achieve the desired effect on the destruction of annoying insects.

Processing by professional exterminators is an important condition for the successful extermination of cockroaches, bedbugs and fleas. Independent methods of control do not have the desired effect, since they are carried out with the use of household insecticides, they cover only part of the premises.

Professionals are familiar with all the intricacies of processing, know the specifics and features of pest control, accurately identify the places of greatest accumulation of insects, correctly select the method and chemical preparation for the destruction of various types of parasites.

An equally important point when performing disinsection is the safety of residents and service personnel in the hostel. When choosing drugs, this fact must be taken into account, experts select funds that will be safe for people and pets, including certain groups of residents who are most sensitive to chemicals (children, the elderly).

Most of the parasitic insects live in kitchens and canteens, in food blocks, where they have access to food and water, a comfortable temperature, ventilation and other conditions for habitation and reproduction are created. In addition to kitchens, such facilities also include grocery warehouses, pantries and other utility rooms.

A professionally carried out pest control services singapore in the hostel will help get rid of insects for a long time. The general sanitary and epidemiological situation will depend on the contingent of residents. The most vulnerable are student dormitories, the military hostels are less susceptible to the spread of insects. Self-discipline and self-organization of guests, maintaining order play an important role in preventing the spread of parasites.