How to design the ideal office

Discover how to create the perfect space where you feel comfortable and relaxed, and at the same time boost your productivity.

Many business owners are wondering what to consider when choosing office furniture. There is a set of elements that provide a pleasant feeling to the environment. Lighting, ergonomics, comfort and the cost benefit of each piece of furniture that will be part of the company, are factors that deserve attention. Here are some tips to select and buy furniture from your office.

Tips for having the best furniture in the office

There is some office furniture that is fundamental in any work environment. Find out which ones are the most appropriate.

Chairs and armchairs

Chairs and armchairs are two of the most important office seating. Ergonomics is fundamental, since incorrect use causes injuries to the spine and neck, which harms employees. Uncomfortable chairs and armchairs also contribute to that.

Shelves and cabinets

In small offices, you can choose metal cabinet Singapore attached to the ceiling or walls. Filing cabinets also help you make better use of space. Organized shelves and cabinets save time and optimize the productive process of employees.

Office furniture in small spaces

Especially for those who are opening an office and do not have a very large space (something normal in companies in its initial phase), should take into account some tips to optimize space.

Remember that furniture in a straight line is easier to locate in small spaces

If you are starting a business and want to economize on office furniture, do not buy everything in one batch. At the beginning, buy only the essentials, as this represents a large expense in the budget of an early stage company. Start with the biggest and most essential. Buy the smaller ones later.

Think about the possibility of buying used office seating, but in good condition. If you look good, you can find desks, chairs and armchairs at reasonable prices. Later, to the extent that finance allows, you can change them according to your taste and the need of the company.

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  1. Equipment: Speed and efficiency are key factors for an office. Before making any purchase, analyze if you really need that equipment (for example, a large color copier) or if it will only take up space and make you spend.

  2. The lighting: Having good lighting is essential. Preferably, choose a space that has windows and that is illuminated with sunlight, because this is the most indicated since it has approximately equal proportion of all the colors of the spectrum.

  3. Privacy: No one can work efficiently in an area with noise and interruptions. When you plan your office, choose a space in which you can close the door.

  4. Organization: Keeping your office tidy will lower your stress levels. Your desk should have only articles related to daily work, such as a computer. Avoid having stacks of papers or too many items that distract you.

  5. Ergonomics: Your health, safety and comfort are basic. Therefore, the items you choose should be designed to offer you this. Get an ergonomic chair that fits your body.